places i can't dance

a movement and augmented reality experiment

What is this?

This experiment begins in two forms, screendance and augmented reality. The first, a collection of screendances, holds together motion capture and virtual reality so I can (digitally) dance in places I can not IRL or am not allowed. In the second form, you can place me wherever you are through the augmented reality link below (and your phone). Through this AR interface, you have the option to screenshot and share where you placed me. With your permission, I can add it to this site's gallery at the bottom of the web page. 

Places 1.0

the louvre

why the louvre?

the 1904 world's fair

why the 1904 world's fair?
why? pt.2

the international space station


Encinitas, CA


Digital Nowhere

digital space?

Motion Capture

behind the scenes?

Place Me Somewhere

use the link above to place me somewhere
wherever you are

But why?

"My choreography and dramaturgy, embodied by my Filipinx American body, fall into these traumas: my own, my family’s, and my ancestors’. These owned and inherited traumas are invisibilized in a landscape of systemic oppression, but performance can highlight their embodied worlds. And yet they are more than all of these things. My dramaturgy is not simply connected to my Asian American history or identity; my performances do not simply represent Asian American histories. Many other histories and planets, often not seen, are part of my dramaturgy."
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